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Welcome to Wandering Wednesdays and Weekends!

"Not all all who wander are lost."

-J. R. R. Tolkien

Not quite a year ago, our family started a tradition we called "Wandering Wednesdays." (With my marketing background, of course we had to brand it!) It became our mantra and mission as we strived to try new things, visit new places, and experience things in and outside of our city and comfort zones. From rock climbing and dinosaur bone explorations, to Pop Art exhibits and crazy fun street artists, from Revolutionary War battle grounds and Founding Fathers, to obstacle courses on horseback, monster truck and trolley tours, and river kayaking, plus secret magic shops and gourmet donut and pasta making, we took Wednesdays (and then Weekends) by storm, and laughed and learned and built memories galore. Friends cheered us on, sent us ideas, and started following our adventures. We even have a list of folks who want to join us as "guest wanderers." And time and time again, folks asked, why are you not recounting all of this in a blog? So tah-dah! This blog was born. Let's wander!

PS: I will post very BRIEF summaries of our past 12 month adventures to date for those who may want to follow in our footsteps, along with any updated 2014 events and info for these locations/adventures. Stay tuned as well for our upcoming Wandering Wednesdays and Weekends 2014 summer recaps!

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