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"Not all all who wander are lost."

-J. R. R. Tolkien


Welcome to Wandering Wednesdays and Weekends! The idea was born after my kids whined that "it is going to be the 'boring-est' summer ever!"

Well, let's just say,  that sounded like a dare to me! 


I thus set out to to show my kids that:

  • life itself is an adventure

  • you have to seize every day and make it your own

  • fun can be had doing the simplest of things

  • asking people their stories opens up whole new magical worlds;  you just have to smile, ask nicely, and listen(!)

  • there are so many interesting things to learn and discover close to home

  • taking the road less traveled can teach you an infinite amount of things

  • whenever you see something or someone that looks interesting, stop, start the conversation and explore (You don't always need a set plan for the day to unfold beautifully.)

  • often the best part of the adventure is the story you can tell afterwards

  • stepping out of your comfort zone helps you learn and grow.


And so, we made a pact that we would "wander" every Wednesday to "see what we could see" and to explore and experience things that we had not done before.  We added in "weekends" so Dad could join in on the wandering adventures too. 


As life gets so busy and bogged down sometimes, it taught us to take some moments as a family to "taste and enjoy" life vs. watching it pass you by. 


And soon, our little idea, that started as a dare, took on a life of its own. 


After all, life is not the destination, but the journey. 

And not all who wander are lost.


:)  -Andrea



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