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Slide the City!

"Life is like a much fun that we get back up every day and do it again."

(- Linda Poindexter)

When we got word that a 1,000 foot water slide was coming to downtown Richmond, we knew we had to Slide the City! Was it commercial? Yes. Would we do it again? Maybe. Was it a fun Wandering experience? YOU BET! Were we the first in line to go down the slide when it opened? OF COURSE!

Think "Block Party" meets "Slip and Slide".... and we had a ball!

In true Wandering" fashion, we chatted with those around us in line. We were the first to raise our hands for a dance-off with the Chick-fil-A cows -- and walked aways with lots of free swag. And somehow, our picture ended up in the Richmond Times Dispatch.

Feeling like a kid again sliding down three blocks on an innertube.... Priceless!

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