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An Artful Scavenger Hunt

"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting." -Buddha

The thrill of the hunt: Richmond artist Diego Sanchez will be leaving 128 small Buddha heads around town for folks to find and keep as treasures. He will reference the locations on his Facebook page.

If you saw a mom and two kids racing through the Carytown Kroger and Wells Fargo Branch on (Wandering) Wednesday, that was us trying to find the latest ones. (Alas, we were too late, but we plan to stay on the hunt!)

That said, on Saturday, July 11, Diego posted on Facebook that 12 Buddhas are at the VIsArts Center "waiting"... Let the seek and find adventure begin!

Also, be sure to check out Diego's art at the VMFA's "Go Bike" outdoor art installation celebrating the 2015 World Cycling Championships!

UPDATE: Happy to report that we went on the hunt for Buddha on Monday, July 13, in the Visual Art Center of Richmond and found two of them! (We actually found more but left them for others to find. There was a huge crowd at the Vis Art Center and many Buddhas were in relatively plain view. You just had to be "in the know." We also know these Buddhas will bring us luck! Happy hunting! Thanks to Diego Sanchez for such a fun adventure!)

(Photo Credit: Diego Sanchez)

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