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Pop Art, Pop Culture and Fried Goodness

We kicked off Wandering Wednesdays with a sugar rush!

We had heard about a new donut shop that had opened up called The Sugar Shack. Oh man were they worth the drive. And you gotta try the special Maple Bacon donut!

Sugared up and happy, we headed out to the VMFA for some eye candy via their Pop Art exhibit featuring Tom Wessleman. "Wessleman and his contemporaries - Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and James Rosenquist - forged the Pop Art movement by creating large scale, dynamic compositions, experimenting with new media and using images from popular culture. Humor, sensuality, and innovation were the common elements of the Pop Art Movement. " (VMFA)

Stunning, energetic and fun, the kids came out inpired to create some of their own pop art creations!

Our last stop was next door at the Virginia Historical Society. There we learned about Richmond's first trolley cars and civil right movement, the history of Virginia and were captivated by a very moving photography exhibit: "National Geographic’s The President’s Photographer: 50 Years Inside the Oval Office."

"This temporary exhibit at Virginia Historical Society, displayed decades of presidential memories. Each President of the United States has a team that includes a photographer to document every moment – public and private. From thousands of somewhat generic greeting shots to intense and personal moments, the head photographer sees and records it all.This exhibit also includes a very interesting film, which plays in the same room, detailing the everyday movements of the current presidential photographer, Pete Souza. Souza, who also served as a staff photographer for President Reagan, takes viewers into his life, exploring his job through a camera and his connection to the President on a personal level. The documentary, which runs about fifty minutes, also explores the Presidents’ photographers before Souza, highlighting the most moving images of their careers. Watching this film, we learned interesting tidbits about past Presidents." (Virginia Historical Society)

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